Friday, March 18, 2011

Pin High Pro Launches New Product

(ORLANDO, Fla.) - Following a successful launch at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, Pin High Pro is keeping up with the Jones' with brand new video tutorials on its product website. Brighter and clearer, these videos show exactly how to use the Pin High Pro swing training-aid system.

A popular component of the new videos is the ability to view your swing technique. Just turn off the signature beep, and turn on the built in LED light. With five new videos available on the product website, getting started with the Pin High Pro system is simple.

"The Pin High Pro has an LED component that will help if you video your swing, like many golfers do," says Carl Papa, creator of the Pin High Pro Swing Training Aid. "When in the LED mode, the LED is activated (lit) as your weight shifts to your left side. As you review the video, you will see your exact swing position at the time your weight shifts. If any part of your body was out of position, you will see immediately the position you were in and be able to make the proper adjustments."

The Pin High Pro swing training-aid weighs about one pound. This faux turf training aid is perfect for practicing just about anywhere. The product is equipped with a cross body strap for fast and simple pick-up. Roll it up, strap it on and go. The Pin High Pro system costs $99.95 and is available at for purchase.


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