Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eidolon Golf Going Prome Time with New Wedges

EIDOLON Golf is going "Prime'' time. The short-game solution company is introducing its new “PRIME'' finished wedges that feature EIDOLON Golf's patented V-SOLE technology and other qualities that have helped the company become recognized as the leader in custom built wedges.

"These are the same soft carbon steel, the same patented V-SOLE, the same meticulous CNC-milled faces and grooves, but instead of our nickel chrome plating, these are given a hot oil bath and left natural,'' says EIDOLON Golf President/Founder Terry Koehler. "Golfers of all skill levels are really going to like the way the PRIME wedges look and feel. It's just another example of what separates EIDOLON Golf from other wedge companies.''

Koehler explained that the bronze patina a PRIME wedge has when it is new will wear off, and the head will begin to rust.

"After a time, it will have a very natural look that is totally non-glare,'' Koehler said. "And owning these will define you as a player with discriminating taste in wedges.''

The PRIME wedges are available now in limited “pre-production” quantities and are available in lofts of 52, 56 and 60 degrees. The carry a Suggested Retail price of $139 each, with discounted prices for purchasing matched pairs and full sets.

Though still a small company, EIDOLON has staked out a niche with its V-SOLE wedges. Under the direction of Koehler, a 30-year industry veteran, EIDOLON Golf continues to carve out a reputation for extraordinary wedges, custom-built to each individual order. Koehler, who writes a popular blog as, is formerly Director of Marketing for Ben Hogan, founder of Reid Lockhart Golf and President of Reid Lockhart/Ray Cook.

EIDOLON Golf’s innovative approach to wedges is built around the company’s patented V-SOLE technology, which20combines the advantages of low and high bounce into each wedge loft. Golfers no longer have to make a choice in the store that may not work with all shots on the course. EIDOLON’s V-SOLE wedges also feature CNC-milled faces and grooves for extraordinary spin and premium Rifle Spinner and SCoR graphite shafts. The company even includes a copy of its popular book, “The SCoR Method” with each wedge order to help its customers refine their short games.

EIDOLON Golf backs its wedges with the boldest Satisfaction Guarantee in the industry. Learn more at


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