Friday, August 21, 2009

American Golfer Web Site Continues Growth

Popular Travel Golf Site to Offer Equipment Reviews

(DUBLIN, CA) – American Golfer ( has seen impressive growth in its first year online and has once again decided to expand its offerings.

Launching in July 2008 as a site dedicated to providing valuable information for the traveling golfer, American Golfer took the next step by sharing new product information from the many equipment companies across the industry. Taking that one step further, the staff at American Golfer – comprised of golf/travel writers and club professionals – will now review equipment.

“Our thought was simple: If the average golfer was going to see our Web site and purchase the products we’re posting, we’d like to share our thoughts on the value and/or ability of the equipment,” says Senior Editor Bob Bruce. “We’ve got a collection of players at our disposal, from beginner to scratch, so we feel we can provide an invaluable, unbiased opinion on the gear that’s on the market.”

The expanded coverage will not result in less coverage for travel, according to Bruce. The American Golfer staff has increased with the hiring of veteran travel writer Trevor Hilliard and golf professional Ray Thompson. Several club professionals have made themselves and their facilities available for regular testing, as well, so the existing staff will not be stretched too thin.

American Golfer has scheduled its Holiday Gift Guide to kick off prior to Thanksgiving. Equipment companies are encouraged to provide products, information and images no later than Nov. 20. If multiple items are submitted, companies are asked to promote one item under $50 price point to offer an alternative to cost-conscious gift givers.

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