Friday, April 6, 2018

Product Review: SelfieGOLF

We’ve all done it (or been involved) … selfies. Reverse the camera on your smart phone, extend your arm and click - a selfie. If done on on a golf course, it’s often referred to as a “golfie.”

Now, a company has removed the vanity and millennial feeling of selfies and actually made it a useful tool in improving your golf game. Introducing SelfieGOLF.

This simple clipping system easily attaches to an alignment rod or driver shaft and allows golfers to record their swing from any angle - face-on or down the line.

We’ve found recording your swing to be a very effective tool in game improvement, especially when paired with professional evaluation. And SelfieGOLF is simple to use. Just:
1. Attach the stick clip;
2. Attach the bag clip; and
3. Place smart phone in clip

Three quick steps and you’re on your way to a better swing. Share your video with a certified professional and get back to work!

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