Monday, April 23, 2018

Product Review: myCharge AdventureMax Portable Charger

I have a confession. I cannot unplug … even on the golf course. I am tethered to my smartphone from the first tee, throughout the round and into the clubhouse. GPS watches and laser rangefinders provide accurate distances, but I need my phone to see a detailed overhead of the hole I’m playing.

My tech addiction isn’t completely selfish, mind you. As a married, father of three I need to be connected to the outside world. I can’t “go dark” for 4-5 hours at a time in the middle of the day.

That said, I really rely on my phone to enjoy (many) golf-related apps. You know the ones - from scorecards to stat-tracking - and they all drain the phone’s battery. I also take a lot of pictures for the blog, rating purposes or personal use.

This is where my addiction meets my obsession. The myCharge AdventureMax portable charger is a must-have device for anyone who needs to re-charge or maintain a charge while enjoying an active lifestyle.

Everyone is familiar with portable chargers, but the AdventureMax stands out for two very important features:
1. It has a rugged finish to stand up to banging and clanging - whether in your golf bag or jostling around in the cart; and
2. There are two built-in USB ports, as opposed to most that house a single port. Charge your partner’s phone or keep that fancy bluetooth speaker playing soothing tunes for 18 holes of musical bliss.

This splash-resistant, drop-resistant, dirt-proof beauty provides up to six times extra battery and comes complete with a handy carabiner clip - perfect for attaching to your golf bag or back pack (if you’re so inclined to take the AdventureMax on a hike).

This portable charger weighs about a half a pound and costs $49.99. Learn more or order yours at

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