Friday, April 13, 2018

Augusta Ranch Joins

Don Rea’s popular course to offer the pay-by-hole alternative

(RELEASE) - Augusta Ranch Golf Club, one of the more popular golf facilities in the Phoenix market, chooses to encourage golfers to come out and play when time won’t allow for a full round of golf.

“Golf courses that aren’t offering more ways to consume and enjoy their product don’t realize the changes occurring in our culture and lifestyles,” says Augusta Ranch owner Don Rea.  “Even with a shorter course like mine, customers complain they don’t have time to play a full round. We want golfers to play the game and plan to offer them every opportunity to do so.  It’s that or become another housing development or soccer complex.”

“Don Rea is an industry leader and marketing savant,” says co-founder Harvey Silverman. “There is a reason Don sits on both the PGA and NGCOA Boards of Directors – he is recognized as a forward-thinking and successful golf facility owner and operator.  We look forward to working with Don and his staff to bring to Augusta Ranch customers both young and old.” is golf’s contribution to the convenience revolution pioneered by services like Open Table and Lyft.  Pay-by-hole golf is not new, but using technology to pair golfers who don’t have enough time to play a full round with golf courses that offer pay-by-hole makes it a viable way for many courses to promote and generate incremental revenue.  Our web app is easy to implement and manage and is finding its way to both advanced-thinking course operators, and to golfers whose lifestyles demand an alternative to play the game.

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