Thursday, March 22, 2018

Positive Reviews Continue from Media, Instructors for Knuth Golf’s High Heat 257+ Metalwoods

(BONITA, CA) – Rave reviews continue to flow for Knuth Golf’s breakthrough 3-Trampoline technology that is in all of its new High Heat 257+ metalwoods, introduced at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.

As a result of this technology, High Heat 257+ is the only brand that offers more trampoline effect in the large toe and heel areas than the center of the face.

“What felt like a slight toe hit resulted in a powerful mini-fade that rolled out nearly to the range’s border fence some 280 yards distant,” said Golf Tips editor Vic Williams after testing the High Heat 257+. “With the High Heat driver, strikes that were once disappointing are now exhilarating, time after time.”

The new High Heat 257+ 3-Trampoline technology results from a USGA rules change two years ago, and was believed to be impossible to achieve, confirmed by the fact that no brand had accomplished it in that span until now. The 2016 CT rule (Characteristic Time—trampoline effect) regulates the amount of tidriver face no image v1me that a ball stays on the face of the club in microseconds, which controls how “hot” a clubface can be.  With this change the USGA permitted a golf face to be much hotter with a CT above 257 and up to 275, but only in the large toe and heel areas.

Award-winning designer Dean Knuth figured out a way to incorporate the now-conforming extra trampoline effect into the toe and heel of the already successful and popular line of High Heat metalwoods. The end result with High Heat’s new technology is that there is a significant increase in ball speed on toe or heel hits in the large area where the CT can be as high as 275, translating to more distance.

In its review of High Heat 257+, the Robb Report offered amateur golfers of all skill levels a piece of advice.

“Never heard of Knuth Golf and its High Heat 257+? It’s your loss—in both distance and accuracy. Dean Knuth, who worked at the USGA on the handicap and slope systems, now brings the same scientific rigor to club design. His new metalwoods take advantage of a little-understood Rules change that lets clubs be hotter toward the heel and toe, where most of us actually make contact. The results are impressive, with many golfers finding their mishits going farther than their typical center strikes.”

In his review of the High Heat 257+, Golf Writer Tony Dear pulled no punches: “Another High Heat driver torches the competition.”

High Heat’ 257+’s novel 3-trampoline technology has also been positively received by noted golf instructors.

“On average amateur golfers hit their driver and metalwoods on the toe or heel approximately 50 percent of the time. That is why High Heat 257+ 3-trampoline technology is such a game changer for amateur golfers.” – Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame instructor, Golf Digest’s 50 Best Women Teachers In America.

“When hitting High Heat’s 257+ clubs, the distance was now the same in the toe and heel as it is in the center of the face. Amazing.” — Sue Kaffenburgh, New England PGA and Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year

Golf Tips editor Vic Williams sums it up best.

“Most amateur golfers consistently hit the toe and heel areas where the CT has been low and lose 20-30 yards,” he said. “But not with High Heat 257+. With the High Heat 257+ driver, my strikes on the heel and toe that were once disappointing are now exhilarating. So what should amateurs do? Buy High Heat 257+.”

Only a very few golfers on the planet can consistently hit a driver, fairway metal or hybrid square on the center of the face all the time,” he said. “So what’s a toe- and heel-hitting amateur to do? Grab the new High Heat driver from Knuth Golf, that's what.”

High Heat has taken the golf industry by storm since entering the market in 2015 with a simple but crucial mission – design clubs specifically for amateurs instead of Tour pros, so they can optimize their performance and increase their enjoyment of the game. The High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids, featuring lower and deeper center of gravity, have all been named in numerous media “best products lists.” Customers rave about increased performance and lower scores with High Heat in their bag.

Now, with 257+, High Heat again beats the major brands to the punch. “The new technology adds extra trampoline effect permitted by new USGA rules, with players obtaining 20 yards more on toe and heel hits.” – Golf Central Magazine.

High Heat 257+ drivers and fairway woods will be available for delivery in late April 2018, and hybrids in June.

For more information on Knuth Golf, visit or call 410-353-0446.

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