Friday, April 10, 2015

Pat Perez on Callaway Del Mar Series Spikeless Golf Shoes

(RELEASE) - Recently Callaway had a chance to chat with PGA Tour Pro Pat Perez about the advantages of wearing spikeless golf shoes. Pat has been wearing Callaway spikeless golf shoes for a couple of years now.  And he's a real believer in their comfort and performance. Here's what Pat had to say.

Callaway Footwear: It seems that more and more Tour players are wearing spikeless golf shoes.  Traditionally, traction and stability were concerns that might discourage players from wearing spikeless shoes.  Why are those concerns not as much of an issue today?
Pat Perez: Spikeless golf shoes provide the comfort that I am looking for when I am on my feet for 8 to 9 hours a day at the course.  The more traditional shoe hurts your feet after a while.

CF: Do you think a day will come when everyone on tour is wearing spikeless shoes?  Why or why not?
Pat Perez: I don't believe so, there will always be a few guys that feel that they cannot go without spikes.

CF: What was the reason you began wearing spikeless shoes?  Was it physiology-driven, such as due to an injury?  Style-driven: just like casual style?  Comfort?
Pat Perez: Comfort means everything to me.  With the style of the Callaway Del Mar Sport you get the style and comfort combination that I look for in a spikeless golf shoe.

CF: You've been wearing the Callaway Del Mars for a couple of seasons now.  This year you're wearing the new Del Mar Sport.  Can you tell us why you like them and how they compare to other spikeless shoes you may have tried?
Pat Perez: The new Callaway Del Mar Sport provides me with a little extra grip compared to other spikeless shoes that I have tried.

CF: Do you wear removable soft spike shoes on days when the conditions are wet?
Pat Perez: I used to but I can't find a shoe that provides me the same comfort as a spikeless shoe.

CF: Many amateurs who have not tried spikeless shoes worry that their performance on the course will be worse than if they were wearing removable spike shoes.  Do you think that is a valid concern?
Pat Perez: It is not as valid as they want it to be.  If your swing is balanced you will not need the added traction that a removable soft spike provides.

CF: Any tips for amateurs on how what to look for in fit and performance from a spikeless shoe?
Pat Perez: Comfort, comfort and comfort.  Did I mention how comfortable the new Callaway Del Mar Sport is?

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