Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Troon and EXOS Partner on New Golf Fitness Experience

EXOS Golf Experience Powered by Troon Delivers Elite-Level Training Specially Tailored for Amateur Golfers

(Scottsdale, Ariz.) – Troon, the leader in upscale golf course management, development and marketing and EXOS, the leader in proactive health and performance solutions, are excited to announce an innovative partnership. Known for creating premiere programs and services for professional, amateur, tactical, collegiate, and youth athletes, EXOS is partnering with Troon to conduct a new groundbreaking, three-day golf fitness experience held at Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona and EXOS’ state-of-the-art training facility in Phoenix.

The EXOS Golf Experience Powered by Troon is tailored for amateur golfers, leveraging EXOS' elite performance programs that were previously available only to professional athletes. Golf students work with EXOS' integrated team of golf instructors, performance specialists, registered dietitians, and physical therapists. During the three-day evaluation, a personalized golf training, nutrition, and recovery game plan is created to optimize each student's performance and personal health.

“Today’s golfer is looking for something exactly like this,” said Tim Mahoney, director of education for Troon. “This program provides a different approach to fitness with an emphasis on muscles involved in golf related movements. We’ve found that improving a student’s level of fitness as it relates to their golf swing not only enhances their golf game but also has a profound impact on their general health and well-being.”

Whether golfers aspire to play at the highest level, lower their scores as an amateur, or simply improve their health and lifestyle, the EXOS Golf Experience will help maximize their efforts. This immersive program takes an in-depth look at a person’s nutrition, movement, flexibility, and risk for injury, and also includes fully integrated TrackMan club data measurements, 3D body-motion-capture evaluations, and instruction from Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Golf Instructor” Tim Mahoney. Using the data collected, EXOS’ performance specialists create a customized plan to improve everything from club head speed to consistency and durability. Each student receives a year of follow-up consulting from an EXOS specialist and access to the EXOS Journey app, which helps establish new healthy habits and rituals to reach the goals created from the Golf Experience.

“We’re excited to partner with Troon to help golfers of all levels achieve their goals on and off the course,” said Trent Wilfinger, vice president of Pro/Elite Sports for EXOS. “Troon’s expertise in golf instruction is a perfect fit for our team of performance specialists, and we look forward to working together to help golfers sustain a high level of performance while reducing their risk for injury.”

For more information, program dates, and pricing, visit the EXOS Golf Experience website or email Golf@TeamExos.com. The Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North is the accommodations partner of the EXOS Golf Experience, offering students preferred rates during the program.

EXOS Golf Experience Powered by Troon includes:
-Personal golf instruction from Troon's director of education Tim Mahoney, named a Top 100 Instructor by Golf Magazine
-TrackMan and 3D evaluations with EXOS' Director of Golf Performance and TrackMan expert, Michael Pinkey
-Nutrition and culinary services
-Physical therapy (soft tissue/massage)
-Training programs and evaluations held at EXOS' world-class facility in Phoenix, Arizona
-Golf instruction held at Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona
-Golf rounds played at Troon North Golf Club
-Follow-up consulting from EXOS Performance Specialists
-12-month access to EXOS’ propriety Journey App

About EXOS
EXOS is pioneering human performance. Founded in 1999 to maximize the potential of athletes, EXOS (formerly named Athletes’ Performance) has grown to become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide. EXOS designs and delivers health and performance game plans that guide people to achieve higher levels of success. With world-class partners, facilities, technologies, and specialists spanning six continents, EXOS is progressing the intelligence behind human performance wherever necessary. To learn more, visit www.TeamEXOS.com.

For additional news and information, visit www.TroonGolf.com.

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