Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tell Mom 'You’re the Best' with Personalized Golf Balls from VICE Golf

Send your personal Mother’s Day message to your favorite golfer;
Two-day turnaround and free personalization on all U.S. orders

(Munich, Germany) - Forget flowers. Cancel the candy. Drop dinner. What Mom wants for Mother’s Day is personalized golf balls.

Don’t believe it? Then ask your mother, or your wife, what she’d rather you give her: A dozen top-of-the-line golf balls or a set of tea towels?

Is there even a question?

VICE Golf—the new upstart in the ball business, combining the highest quality products with low, online-only pricing—will help you make a statement of your love for your mother or wife with free personalization on any order.

Tell your favorite female “You’re No. 1!” or “Love You” or give her a big red heart stamped on any one of the four different models from VICE Golf, which sells all-new, top-quality balls online for about what it costs to buy a used ball at a golf store. Whatever your message, VICE golf balls will say the word.

And every order will be on its way to mom within two days of receipt.

The four models of VICE Golf balls are:
Pro. For the best golfers, this three-piece ball with a Urethane cover gives long distance and a gentle, responsive feel. Available in white as well as Neon (lime green) and Flamingo (hot pink). $34.95 per dozen
Tour. Designed for the good golfer with high ambitions, a three-piece ball with an ultra-thin cover and extra dimples for straighter flight. $21.95 per dozen
Drive. The two-piece ball for the widest range of players who want maximum distance and maximum durability. $14.95 per dozen
Pro Plus. The new ball from VICE is a four-piece with a Urethane cover for longer distances and a lower trajectory. $34.95 per dozen

So show your mother or your wife how much you really care for her every time she tees it up. Let your love—and the best ball on the market—go a long, long way with VICE Golf.

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