Monday, September 22, 2014

Titleist Leads the Way at the Tour Championship

(RELEASE) - It didn’t get much bigger than this week on the Tour as the season came to a close at the Tour Championship. And with 25 promotions to the PGA Tour on the line, players had to manage their emotions and their games on the difficult, newly renovated Dye's Valley Course in Ponta Vedra Beach, Florida.

Having experienced this pressure first-hand last year, Titleist Pro V1x loyalist Steve Wheatcroft knows the challenge and the opportunity that faced the field.

"It’s a tough course to play on with pressure ... It’s getting a TOUR card versus not getting one, so there’s going to be a lot of pressure for those guys this week; it’s a life-changer if you can get to the PGA Tour.”

One significant change to the golf course was the reversal of the 9's. The course now ends with a demanding four-hole stretch featuring three of the most difficult holes on the course.

When you mix in all of the ingredients – one of the strongest fields of the Tour, a demanding four-hole final stretch featuring three of the most difficult holes on the course and dreams of joining the PGA Tour next season – it’s safe to say we saw exciting golf this weekend. Tour Championship By the Numbers
This week at the TOUR Championship, Titleist was the overwhelming golf ball choice with 85 players in the field trusting a Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf ball for their success. That's more than five times the nearest competitor with 13.

Titleist was also the top choice in the iron (36) and approach, sand and lob wedge (143) categories.

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