Thursday, September 25, 2014

StableGrip Glove Now Features Natural Fit for the Best Fit in Golf

(LOUISVILLE, KY) – The technologically advanced golf glove on the market just got better. Bionic’s best-selling StableGrip now features Natural Fit, allowing the glove to conform even better to the natural shape and contours of the hand. The result is a better, more stable grip, which allows the hand to relax as much as possible when swinging a golf club. And all teaching pros agree that a relaxed grip is the secret to better performance and lower scores.

So, what’s different about StableGrip with Natural Fit?

It features three-dimensional finger pads. Padding has always been a key feature of the StableGrip design. This is because the hand is a series of peaks (joints) and valleys. Filling the valleys allows the hand’s surface to be evened out, allowing better contact with the club. With the new design, the pads wrap around three-fourths of the finger – filling the valleys on the sides of the fingers as well.

The glove’s gussets, or the sides of the finger, feature stretchable Lycra which creates a more natural fit and maximum flexibility. Lycra is also breathable, helping to keep the hand dry and, therefore, prolonging the life of the glove. Sweat is one of the biggest factors in shortening the life of high-end leather products like premium golf gloves.

“We’ve always had the most feature-rich glove on the market,” says Cheryl Fink, Bionic’s marketing director. “Making the best better is always a challenge, but we’ve been able to improve on our patented features with this revolutionary new glove design.”

Other features that have always been a part of Bionic’s technology include pre-rotated finger design, superior moisture management, flexion zones and premium sheep-skin Cabretta leather.

Finally, Bionic is arguably the most durable natural leather glove on the market. Its pads offload pressure from impact, thereby easing wear and tear. An independent study shows Bionic is two times more durable than a standard premium leather golf glove.

The new StableGrip with Natural Fit will be available this fall at and in select golf specialty stores, pro shops and sporting goods stores. It retails at $26.99.

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