Thursday, September 18, 2014

Renegar Golf Introduces RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged Wedges

Custom wedges combine manufacturing innovation and advanced technology

(Brentwood, Tenn.) - Renegar Golf, the only manufacturer in golf focused solely on improving your short game, is once again introducing high-performance wedges to the market. The RxF Tour Proto 5-Step Precision Forged Wedges, featuring proprietary design and technology characteristics unmatched among golf manufacturers today, will be available at beginning in late September.

“The RxF Forged Wedges offer technology advances and customization not previously available on our Rx14 cast wedges,” said Bob Renegar, Founder and Designer for Renegar Golf. “These wedges have been on the professional golf tours for most of this year, and we’re excited to bring them to the everyday consumer with all of the customization options a pro would enjoy.”

Like the company’s popular Rx14 cast wedges, the RxF forged wedges feature the utility-patented sole contour that sets Renegar apart from other manufacturers. The unique sole design delivers a more playable lower leading edge with more bounce, providing increased forgiveness and a higher and more rearward center of gravity for increased ball spin and better distance control. The sole contour also creates multiple steeper bounce surfaces to accommodate a variety of playing situations and produce better explosion shots in the sand.

The RxF club heads are made from a five-step precision forging process that produces superior grain structure and fewer voids than the top forged clubs currently on the market, which are made with only a three-step forging process. The RxF wedges feature a CNC milled face with precision-engraved, USGA-legal grooves and a satin-finish, double nickel chrome plating for exceptional durability. Renegar Golf’s Precision Assembly process also makes the RxF wedges the most highly-matched club sets available today, with perfectly matched component weights, swing weights, shaft lengths, static weights, balance points and MOI. The shafts are also frequency matched for consistent flexibility regardless of loft.

On the course, the RxF wedges will deliver a softer and more pleasant impact with less vibration than cast wedges, allowing for better feedback and improvement. The RxF wedges are also slightly more compact than previous Renegar wedges, making for better play from the rough.

The custom options available include three wedge shafts: KBS Wedge steel shaft in R or S flex, or the Nippon NS Pro WV115 wedge shaft. Grip options available include the IOmic Sticky 2.3 grip or the Lamkin-Renegar Wedges grip. All lofts between 45 and 60 degrees are available and will now include letter designations: P, G, S and L. The RxF wedges are available custom-built starting at $209.

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