Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New York Golf Center COO Josh Chervokas on Fox Business Channel

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) - New York Golf Center COO Josh Chervokas appeared on Fox Business Channel's "Opening Bell" show August 26, to discuss the state of the golf industry with the show's anchors.

The focus of the segment was that in light of the Tiger Woods era perhaps waning, what the interest level of the sport is these days with the public. Chervokas was selected to talk on the show, as his company is a major leader in golf retail with its proverbial eye on the pulse of the industry and trends.

"The golf trend is down since quarter four of last year...with bad weather, a lot of product out in the marketplace," Chervokas said on the show. "But the doom and gloom is overstated for sure. There's a lot of growth in the younger segment of the market." He also addressed what Woods means to the game, what demographic is leaving the game, and what's hot in golf equipment.

To watch the entire nearly-six-minute episode, click HERE.

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