Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Product Review: 2S14 Ball from 3 Up Golf

When choosing between a two-piece and three-piece ball, golfers often have to decide between distance and feel. Traditionally, two-piece balls (cover and core) traveled further off the tee and with long irons, but lacked the soft feel desired on or around the greens.

Rob Zimmerman, founder of 3 Up Golf, has a solution. In 2012 he introduced the 3F12 - a three-piece ball - to rave reviews. Today, 3 Up fans have a two-piece option - the 2S14.

The company’s slogan, “feel what your golf ball is missing,” is spot on. While the 3F12 is excellent for players with higher swing speeds, the 2S14 covers the rest of the field.

The 2S14‘s Deep-Soft core and ionomer cover combine to provide longer, straighter drives, but golfers will be happy to know that there’s no discernible difference between this two-piece ball and popular three-piece balls on and around the greens.

In two unscientific tests, I made five out of the first six putts from 8 feet on the practice green and chipped/pitched to within tap-in range five time during an 18-hole round. Though both are subjective, the combination of the two didn’t go unnoticed. The takeaway is feel ... It felt as though the 2S14 stayed on the club face the split-second longer that makes a difference.

If you’re in the market for an excellent two-piece ball, the 2S14 from 3 Up Golf is a must. Pick up a dozen for only $23 at www.3upgolf.com. While there, check out other fantastic products and sign up for the 3 Up Golf newsletter.

As an added bonus, just like its big brother, the 3F12, $3 of your purchase goes directly to a golf related charity.

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