Thursday, April 17, 2014

CaddieON: Personal Caddie with a Touch of a Button

Detailed game statistics and personal caddies are not only for professional players with new technology

CaddieON, a Finnish company based in Oulu, has launched a product named CaddieON, a revolutionary game changer in the world of golf. CaddieON is an automated data capturing solution that tracks the user’s round of golf shot-by-shot. Quite enterprisingly, CaddieON frees golfers from the bothersome use of a golf GPS or electronic scorecard to keep their game up to par. Elevating the golf experience substantially players can also easily retrieve their game stats to compare and compete with themselves or other players worldwide in real time.

With the use of a wrist device and a lightweight, unnoticeable tag at the top of the grip of each club the data collection system reads not only what club is in use, but specifics about each shot the player takes. The golfer’s smartphone records the GPS position of each stroke and the game data is sent from the smartphone to a player portal, or cloud, on the internet.

In addition to providing rangefinder and bird’s eye view maps in the CaddieON application, the player can get help on the course based on his personal game known as the “personal caddie”. The automated real time data collection helps players improve their game, relive golf highlights, share experiences from the course and compare performance with other players and friends.

Tuomo Lalli, the CEO of CaddieON, emphasizes that the CaddieON concept is unique compared to the competitors in its ability to automate the data collection and distribution. “The beauty of CaddieON lies in the ease of use. As a player I’m able to focus completely to the game and get my game data without manual data entry or fiddling any device while I’m about the take my shot”, tells Lalli.

The CaddieON personal caddie is available from . Android compatible wrist devices are shipping already and the iOS app and compatible wrist device will be available in the second quarter 2014.

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