Friday, April 4, 2014

Top Female American Golfer, Stacy Lewis, Tackles Life through Golf

No. 3 Ranked LPGA Tour Player’s Video Describes Battle with Scoliosis and Golf’s Role in Helping Her Overcome It

(Norcross, Ga.) – For millions, golf serves as a sanctuary from life’s daily demands and pressures. However, the impact and influence of golf on the LPGA’s top-rated American player transcends the sport, providing an incredible story of golf beyond the greens. Recently, Mizuno released “Golf vs. Scoliosis,” a powerful video showcasing professional golfer Stacy Lewis’ drive and determination to overcome a medical condition that could have sidelined her career before it even started.

At the forefront of Lewis’ “Golf vs. Scoliosis” video is Mizuno’s Play Famously campaign. Designed to showcase and highlight how golfer’s across the U.S. are using golf to “get after” life’s challenges, Lewis’ story of perseverance, determination and belief in oneself embodies the campaign perfectly.

“I like a challenge. I’d consider myself a grinder, a fighter, and that’s really because of everything I went through as a young child growing up with scoliosis,” said Lewis. “Golf helped me through some tough years and provided me goals to achieve and an outlet that was my own.”

Diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11, Lewis was forced to wear a back brace for six and a half years – even during school and while sleeping. The brace was taken off only when Lewis played golf. The game became her refuge.

"Stacy’s story of persistence is something everyone at Mizuno respects and it makes her an ideal brand ambassador for a campaign that fits her life story,” said Chuck Couch, VP of Product Development, Golf. “Her passion and desire exemplify our beliefs in the sport and what we look for in our Team JPX members. We will be front and center cheering Stacy to another successful season on the 2014 LPGA Tour.”

The remaining eight members of “Team JPX” will be selected through an online contest at Golfers are encouraged to try the new JPX EZ irons at a participating retailer, provide their feedback and submit a short essay, photos and/or videos. The submissions should demonstrate their passion for golf and a specific challenge that golf has helped, or is helping them overcome in their lives. The next two coveted spots on “Team JPX” will be announced April 25.

Check out Stacy’s video online here.

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