Monday, April 14, 2014

Golf Punk Digital Magazine Lainches in the United States

(CARLSBAD, CA) – Golf Punk Digital launched its digital magazine in the United States to a massive audience through Golf Punk’s innovation and grab-bag style publication sets them apart from traditional golf magazines - their tag line states, “The Golf  Mag For The Rest Of Us.”

Interactive media, video journalism, social media outreach and a  youthful voice are what make up the essence of the Golf Punk universe. Through digital marketing and an aggressive distribution plan, the magazine reached more than  one million viewers upon launch through direct distribution and partnerships.

With seasoned, award- winning writers from the U.K. office contributing editorial content, Golf Punk USA is primed to  entertain for years to come. The magazine will fill a void in a key demographic for the golf  industry - ages 18-45.

This is a lifestyle magazine, not simply a publication that follows around the Tour. The content is  centered on golf and includes traditional content but also tackles fashion, travel, the lives of Tour players and the lighter side of the game.

Their competitive advantage is in the relationships and aura of Golf Punk as a global journalistic force. They’re the outlier and that suits them just fine.

The three pillars of Golf Punk Digital are simple: the team is very strong - combining writers from all over the world, they are filling a huge void of the golf industry - the younger demographic and they’re creating immediate value for their readers and advertisers by bringing golf to the world  as never before seen. The game is about to be flipped on its head!

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