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New Volvik White Color S3 Golf Ball Named Golf Digest Hot List Winner

Volvik, the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour, announced that Golf Digest has awarded their new White Color S3 golf ball with a 2014 HOT LIST award.

The Volvik White Color S3 won Golf Digest's Golf Ball HOT LIST, second year in a row a Volvik golf ball has been named to the HOT LIST. This new tour-quality, ultra-high performance ball earned a Silver Medal in the $36 and over category. Golf Digest awarded the White Color S3 4 stars (out of five) for Performance, 4 stars for Innovation and 4 ½ stars for Feel. The White Color S3 is now available at retail for $44.99 per dozen.

The HOT LIST awards for golf balls appears in the magazine's May issue, which hit the newsstands this week. The Golf Digest Ball HOT LIST is a comprehensive evaluation and testing of golf balls that combines feedback from Golf Digest editors, scientists, robot testing and a panel of 20 player testers.

"It means a great deal to us for the White Color S3 to be recognized as one of the best golf balls in the world," said Volvik USA President Don Shin. " We take pride in the fact that we spend more money and use better materials in the manufacturing our golf balls. Our goal with the S3 was to manufacture a 'Super Ball' that could easily be identified as one of the best performing golf balls in the world. All of the player testing on Trackman and the independent Iron Byron tests confirm that this ball is truly something special."

The White Color S3 is a premium, next-level ultra-performance golf ball that is the first of its kind to the US market. The name White Color derives from the fact that the golf ball is a hybrid of a white and color golf ball. A white base with a proprietary pearlescent color makes this a color ball for even the most traditional golfer, providing better visibility in light.

"We are calling it the business man's color golf ball," said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing of Volvik USA. "It is white, but it has a brilliant blue pearl finish to it that gives it some of the same advantages as playing a color golf ball, including seeing and finding the ball more easily."

The S3 utilizes a reinforced Urethane cover that provides the perfect soft feel and optimal spin rates. It is the first golf ball Volvik has made utilizing Urethane.

The White Color S3 is powered by a Bismuth enhanced power core that optimizes distance by transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer, a unique technology used in all of Volvik's golf ball innovation. The soft outer layer also reduces excess driver spin, increasing the moment of inertia and centrifugal force, leading to more distance and more roll. The S3 also offers an extremely accurate flight stability by the patented 336 Quasi-Cuboctahedron dimple pattern.

"The reaction and data from our professional staff and other professionals who have put the White Color up against the other leading premium balls on the market is that we have something quite remarkable with this ball," said Shin. "This is the next level of performance in golf balls. We will put this golf ball up against anyone out there."

World leading technology makes the White Color S3 golf balls some of the most innovative and forward thinking in the marketplace. Some of the innovation behind the S3 golf balls is detailed below:

* Solid Inner Core, Soft Outer Cover - Volvik combines a solid inner core encased in a softer casing that provides the optimal spin separation and optimizes the balance of both distance and control. Optimal spin generated by the more solid inner core creates longer distance off the driver and long irons the spin increases closer to the green due to the firm outer core, producing higher spin for total control and the ability to stop on a dime on the green.

* Bismuth Mixed Outer Core - World's first patented power core with Bismuth metal provides greater explosiveness. Unlike normal metal, Bismuth expands 3.5% in volume, leading to greater energy transfer. Unlike normal metal, Bismuth expands 3-3.5% in volume, leading to a greater energy transfer. Their Bismuth filler supports the cover better than in-organics like lead or tungsten. Bismuth expands more than in-organics like lead and tungsten and it also has a longer shelf life. With normal metal, heat expands and cold shrinks. Bismuth actually expands more when it is cold. This is the only metal on the periodic table that does this. That is why Bismuth is used on airplane windshields and why Volvik has the patent on it for golf balls.

* Volvik's First Ever Urethane Golf Ball - Optimized spin rates by Urethane cover with a unique coating process for greater durability provides improved spin control and the ultimate soft feel at impact. Urethane is an extra-soft material that provides high-spin performance and is common to premium golf balls , but not common to the energy inducing soft outer cover/solid core technology that has become Volvik's trademark technology.

The White Color S3 is currently shipping to retailers and carries a MAP price of $44.99.

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