Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Miura, ACCRA Combine to Fine-Tune Hybrid Shafts

(VANCOUVER, B.C. and KINGSTON, Ont.) - Miura Golf, the legendary Japanese club maker, and ACCRA Golf, the maker of state-of-the-art golf shafts, have collaborated on a special shaft designed to get the highest performance from Miura's latest hybrids.

The Miura Hybrid shaft will be available in the company's MG Hybrids, which were released in 2011 to great acclaim in the golf world. Miura asked ACCRA, a recognized leader in the the technology of carbon fiber shafts, to consider the design of the 20- and 23-degree hybrid models and come up with a shaft that will assure the very best trajectory and feel.

"We went to ACCRA with this idea because we know the company and its people, and their reputation for enthusiastic engineering," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "We knew they would welcome the challenge, and our hybrids would perform better for golfers because of that. And our authorized dealer/fitters around the world have endorsed this view -- they frequently spec Accra for the golfers they custom-fit."

The new Miura hybrid shaft is a high performance model designed using the ACCRA Tour Z constant taper profile for maximum energy transfer. Super high modulus composite materials produce a smooth "feel" will maximizing stability. The shaft has been specifically engineered to a .350 tip diameter to match the hosel of the Muira Hybrid. It's available in two blank flexes with options to manipulate each flex to lower or raise initial launch angles through specific tipping instructions. The weight is a manageable, and easy to fit, 82 grams.

"One shaft and one head cannot fit all golf swings. The options available to club fitters with this combination of head and shaft will ensure that every customer of the new Miura Hybrid is perfectly fit," said Gawain Robertson, co-founder of ACCRA Golf. "The Miura hybrid shaft engineered by ACCRA has been designed with the discerning golfer in mind. The stable profile throughout the length of the shaft increases stability, assuring maximum control for shots into greens."

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