Friday, August 3, 2012

Golf Test USA Proves Superior Results of Ball Mark Repair by Fix Master

In separate tests run by Golf Test U.S. A. the two Fix Master divot repair tools were rated to be superior to the standard two prong "divot tools," according to Mary Anne Penton, marketing manager for Starting Time.

These test reports are shown on the Starting Time website (
Not only will the damage to the greens heal faster, but the extra expense of the golf course will be reduced by eliminating the additional maintenance costs needed by the club maintenance staff.

Fix-Master Pro
Course conditions can be improved dramatically with the cooperation of players. It’s no secret. Courses continually fight a losing battle against badly repaired ball marks and those left un-repaired.

The Fix-Master and Fix-Master Pro repair tools can easily solve this problem if courses would encourage their use. Golf Test USA has released the results of two studies clearly demonstrating how much better our innovative divot tools are over traditional ball mark repair tools.

This Fix-Master comes in two models, both with ball markers. There is the model that attaches to the end of the putter, making it possible to easily repair the ball marks without having to bend over. Then, there is the Fix-Master Pro that fits neatly in your pocket and comfortably in your hand with the four angled prongs.

Unlike traditional divot tools, the Fix-Master divot tools aerate the green and loosen the area compressed by the ball strike. You simply push it or jab the four prongs into the ground around the mark, and tamp it smooth, and that’s it. They will never cause the kind of damage to the grass roots that traditional tools can cause.

For copies of the test reports visit or contact Starting Time at 800-851-5442.

“Green Friendly” means a lot to Starting Time.


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