Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Getting to Know: Darius Hicks of Aveo Golf

American Golfer: Why did you decide to enter the golf apparel market?
Darius Hicks: After becoming a golfer and getting better and better I received an invitation to play in my first pro-am and quickly realized that finding something to wear was incredibly tough and the brands that I could find from time to time were inconsistent at best. I needed a solution that I could go back to time and time again with consistent results – Aveo was born.

AG: How did you decide on the Aveo name?
DH: The company name started as Aveo Mor which really has two different meanings.  The word Aveo, which has multiple meanings and the Internet proclaims that Aveo is difficult to precisely translate in Latin, can be translated to mean want or desire. It also has a loose translation meaning Vast (which I relate to large or big). While the word mor can be loosely translated into long (which I relate to tall). So Aveo Mor is loosely another way to say I wanted more … or a fancy way to say Big & Tall. Plus the letter A pops on alphabetical lists much earlier than Huge Man Golf Apparel.

AG: What’s your favorite thing about being in the golf business?
DH: I am such a lover of the sport, the best thing about being in the business is how close I am to the business and some of the people that I get the chance to meet and speak with. I do have to laugh because I’m so busy I don’t get to play all that often, but I really enjoying being near the sport.

AG: When did you start playing golf?
DH: I started playing golf at my best friend and business partner’s wedding. It was his second marriage and instead of the normal bachelor party we decided to just get out on the course. He and I were not golfers and the only club I could hit was my 7-iron, but man could I crush it.

AG: What’s your “dream foursome” (living or dead, golfer or non-golfer)?
DH: First, for me, it would be an afternoon fivesome because I’m playing too and I don’t want to lose a golfer.
o Barack Obama
o Tiger Woods
o My father (he passed several years ago and we started playing golf together maybe a year before I lost him)
o Sam Snead

AG: What course tops your “bucket list” to play?
DH: The Old Course, Pebble Beach, Mission Hills Golf Course – China, Augusta National, The Extreme 19th – The South African Par 3 that requires a helicopter to get to the tee box.

AG: What’s the future of Aveo Golf?
DH: Our future is bright. I’m excited to grow our base business and meet the needs of big and tall male golfers, but also plan to expand into women’s golf clothes and over all big and tall sports apparel.

For more information on Aveo Golf, visit www.aveogolf.com.

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