Friday, August 14, 2015

Product Review: Photo Ball Markers

Golf is flush with gift ideas. From a bag of tees to a dozen golf balls or a shiny new putter, options are plentiful. Take it one step further and personalize that gift with initials or a nickname ... “#1 Dad” is always popular. Thinking of the right gift and ensuring it will be special can be a daunting task.

Ken and Charlotte Barley have made that quest easy and fun with their Photo Ball Markers. All golfers mark their balls on the green - be it with a plastic marker, a coin or even a poker chip. With a Photo Ball Marker, that act can become extremely meaningful.

How does it work? Go to, upload a picture from your computer, crop and it’s complete. Add an accessory - hat clip, divot tool, necklace, key chain, etc. - and you now have a personalized gift that every golfer not only wants, but needs.

Great! But such personalization has to be expensive, right? Wrong! I ordered a set of three markers - each with a different picture of my kids - and a hat clip for only $25.

In love with your poker chip? No worries. New to the list of offerings are the Jumbo Ball Markers (1.5 inches).

Love the idea, but don’t want to leave out the non-golfer on your list? Ken and Charlotte have you covered with the aforementioned key chain or necklace - in a two-sided version.

This holiday season, visit, have fun while there and give a memorable gift that will keep on giving each and every time your favorite golfer reaches the putting surface.



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