Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mobile Warming Gear selects Buffalo Communications for PR work

(MILWAUKEE) - Mobile Warming Gear - maker of heated windproof and waterproof outerwear for the golf-lifestyle market - has retained Buffalo Communications to turnkey a public relations program and consult on a wide range of marketing and sales initiatives.

Through this partnership, Buffalo will promote Mobile Warming Gear to print, digital and broadcast media covering sports, outdoors, lifestyle, fashion, travel and technology themes. The firm will also showcase the brand's leading-edge products to professional golfers, facilitate distribution agreements and assist with other retail relationships.

"The golf-lifestyle market is highly competitive, but we're confident our breakthrough technology will quickly gain traction," says Len Loukaides, President of Mobile Warming Gear. "Buffalo's substantial base of knowledge, skills and contacts will serve a key role in that process."

Designed by PGA Professionals, Mobile Warming vests and jackets (MSRP $160-$220) were created to increase playing opportunities during colder temperatures. The men's and women's garments feature micro-alloy heating elements built into the chest and back areas. Completely unobtrusive and powered by a small, rechargeable lithium ion battery, the system provides warmth to a player's core at the push of a button. This helps enhance comfort and flexibility for up to 10 hours.

"We just conducted several days of meetings with Manhattan-based journalists, and the response was nothing short of fantastic," says Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. "This confirmed our belief that Mobile Warming represents a totally new and sustainable category of golf outerwear."

Precisely crafted from breathable, washable performance materials, Mobile Warming pieces are USGA conforming. Providing complete freedom of movement via a golf-specific cut and four-way stretch fabric, they eliminate the need for bulky layers and offer four adjustable heat settings:
• 100% = 135°F = 2.5 hours battery life
• 75% = 120°F = 3 hours battery life
• 50% = 105°F = 5 hours battery life
• 25% = 90°F = 10 hours battery life

More information:, 888.222.0745.


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