Friday, May 20, 2011

STX Golf Now Available At Golfsmith

(BALTIMORE, MD) - STX Golf, world-renowned as an industry pioneer in putter innovation, and for its patented Soft Face Insert Technology, announced today that its new 2011 STX Putter line is now available at Golfsmith.

Golfsmith, the nation's largest golf retailer with 77 stores from coast to coast has agreed to carry the innovative high performance STX Putter line. The 44-year old specialty retailer of golf and tennis equipment, apparel, and accessories will include the entire STX Putter line on its website at as well as in select stores.

According to STX Director of Golf Steve Henneman, "This retail partnership is significant for STX Golf. The alliance provides the company continued growth and brand awareness. In addition, golfers who frequent Golfsmith Stores are encouraged to test out clubs. We're confidant that once their customer feels the STX Soft Face Insert and its directional and speed control, they will purchase it."

Golfsmith will sell the new 2011 STX Putter line which includes their interchangeable high tech ProFIT Series and customizing kit. Now golfers can change their face insert not their putting stroke according to course conditions. The retail giant is also bringing in the aggressively priced fixed faced STX Sync Series and Envision TR Putter in all three insert options.

Every STX Putter features insert technology called "F.E.E.L." - Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer. This patented STX technology dramatically increases the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of topspin on the ball and keep your putts on line.

The Soft Face Insert Keeps the ball in contact with the putter longer to provide superior directional control, decreased ball skid and reduced ball deformation.

The black insert is the softest in the STX line. It delivers the highest friction and resilience rate with increased dwell time. Those characteristics are chemically formulated to get the ball rolling sooner and keep your putts on line.

For a medium resiliency rate, the red insert offers an intermediate amount of dwell time for true control. For golfers who prefer a firmer feel, the green insert provides a harder feel with less resilience.


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