Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mizuno Introduces MP T-10 Wedges

Wedges Feature High-Spin Quad Cut Grooves

(Norcross, GA)Mizuno, maker of the world’s finest forged wedges, introduces the new MP T-10 Series of wedges featuring patented Quad Cut Groove Technology. These new wedges combine Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forged feel, a revolutionary groove design, and a Tour confirmed head shape and sole to provide unmatched spin and precision in the short game. The MP T-10 wedges are Grain Flow Forged from 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel to provide the most soft, solid and consistent feel where you need it most, around the greens. Furthermore, an innovative 360-degree sole grind and thinner top line deliver maximum shot making versatility and control.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the MP T-10 wedges, outside of Mizuno’s unmatched solid feel, are their high-spin Quad Cut Grooves. Mizuno has patented a manufacturing process which allows for the precise control of the width, depth, draft angle and shoulder radius of each and every groove. The result is an extremely aggressive and consistent groove that provides maximum spin control and ball stopping power in all playing conditions.

“Like any good player knows, nowhere is feel and control more important than in your wedge game,” said Dick Lyons, Vice President and General Manager of Mizuno USA, Golf Division. “Every golfer is looking for superior touch, feel, and consistency on their chip, pitch, and sand shots which is why a forged wedge is far superior to an investment cast model. For years many of the best players in the game have relied on the legendary feel of Mizuno’s MP line of wedges, and now with the addition of these high spin Quad Cut Grooves, players of all levels will be able to make the ball spin, and stop in ways they never have before.”

The MP T-10 wedges feature a classic teardrop headshape and are available in both a durable Plated White Satin finish and a Raw Black Satin. Specifications for the MP T-10 Series wedges include a length of 35¼ inches (50°- white satin only, 52°, 54°, 56º, 58°) and 35 inches (60°, 64º- Black Satin only), and are available in a variety of bounce configurations. Standard shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold “Wedge” flex, and standard grip is the exclusive Mizuno/Golf Pride® M-21 58 Round. Other shafts and grips, as well as loft and lie adjustments are available through Mizuno’s industry leading
Custom Club department.

Suggested retail price for the MP T-10 Series in both the Plated White Satin and Raw Black Satin finishes is $120.

For more information on the new MP T-10 wedges please visit The new MP T-10 Quad Cut grooves are designed to conform through 2024. However, beginning January 1, 2010 the MP T-10 wedges are non-conforming for professional tournaments with the Condition of Competition, and beginning 1/1/2014, they are non-conforming for elite amateur tournaments with the Condition of Competition.


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