Wednesday, June 26, 2019

LiveView Pro Offers Guided Video Feedback with Swing Tools

(RELEASE) — Self-awareness is an essential skill for any golfer wishing to seriously improve their game. That’s why the LiveView Pro camera has been such a hit among casual golfers and touring professionals alike.

The LiveView Pro is a compact, wireless camera that fastens onto an alignment rod to capture the user’s swing from any angle. The device syncs with the LiveView app on a smartphone or tablet, displaying mirror-image video in real time. This way, golfers can observe their own swing, discover errors, and increase self-awareness.

However, LiveView Sports recognizes that sometimes the eye could use some guidance when it comes to recognizing perfect form. That’s why the LiveView app features Swing Tools.

The Swing Tools option allows users to draw coaching objects on the video screen. This includes lines to indicate the correct swingplane, circles to check head positions, and posts to track head and body movements.

These coaching objects remain on the screen for every single practice swing, so golfers can continuously check their own form against the guide drawn on their mirror-image video. Even more impressive, the objects are transferred automatically to recorded videos. The app includes an auto record option. With this function, the device listens for the sound of impact and then automatically records a golfer’s swing from two seconds before impact to two seconds after. Then, the LiveView app offers instant slow motion replay.

Thanks to the transferable nature of Swing Tools, the user’s coaching objects appear on the replay video, making it even easier for golfers to examine their swing motion and make more precise adjustments.

Users can also save their coaching objects as a template for future use. As they return for further practice sections, they can bring back those same line sets without having to redraw the objects. This ensures consistency in practice and learning.

The Swing Tools feature is one reason the LiveView Pro is such a valuable and versatile training aid. More serious players who work with coaches can collaborate with their instructor to design templates to help them in their independent practice. More casual players can use Swing Tools to monitor themselves and take responsibility for their own improved swing motion.

The possibilities are endless, so it’s no wonder Golf Digest has named the LiveView camera the best video camera for golfers three years in a row.

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