Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jack Grace USA – The Changeable Golf Shoe Named GolfTalk Live June Product of the Month

(Philadelphia, PA) – There are a lot of golf shoes on the market. Many of them boast technical breakthroughs.

But there is only one shoe that satisfies all of the technical and comfort demands of golfers – AND possesses the versatile characteristics of a chameleon.

Jack Grace USA – that Arizona-based golf shoe company – touts its new performance golf shoe, with the ability to instantaneously change colors, designs and patterns. The shoes have broken into the golf market with much fanfare and, now, have been named Product of the Month for June by the award-winning GolfTalk Live radio show.

“This all started as a sideline for me but quickly morphed into a quickly growing company and a more-than-fulltime effort,” explains Jack Grace USA founder Bart Walker. “I loved golf and had a large number of golf shoes in my closet. After I got married and kids came along, the space I commanded in the closet kept getting smaller and smaller. With our new line of shoes, I can have the effect of 10 different golf shoes while only taking up the space of a single pair of shoes.”

The basic Jack Grace USA model is a standard saddle golf shoe – white with a black saddle. They then use a swappable saddle design, in a number of colors and patterns, which can be used to change the look of the shoe in a matter of seconds.

The variety of colors and innovative patterns is seemingly endless and can be found on the website at www.jackgraceusa.com.

“This novel approach to golf fashion caught my attention right away,” comments GolfTalk Live host Tony Leodora. “There is nothing else on the market like it.

Then I tried on a pair of the shoes, experienced the comfort and performance, and immediately incorporated them into my golf wardrobe.”

During the month of June the story of the Jack Grace USA golf shoes will be displayed prominently on GolfTalkLive.net, the official website of the show. There will also be an informative interview with company founder on Saturday, June 8, 2019 in all GolfTalk Live markets.

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