Sunday, August 12, 2018

P3ProSwing Increasingly in Use for Instruction, Club Fitting and Competitive Play

(BETHEL, Maine) – P3ProSwing (, a leading golf-swing analyzer, simulator and practice aid, is in use by an increasing number of golf professionals for indoor instruction, club fitting and competitive play.

“The versatility of P3ProSwing is one of its many attributes,” said Les Otten, founder and president of Sports Vision Technologies, of which P3ProSwing is a subsidiary. “The system is designed for a number of uses, including teaching, club fitting, practice and play, both competitive and recreational.”

The multi-use, state-of-the-art P3ProSwing is being discovered by instructors and club fitters as an exceptional way to deliver top-notch results to their students and customers. The recently-introduced, innovative P3ProSwing ProLaunch – providing industry-leading accuracy – is proving highly popular.

Commentary from professional instructors and club fitters who use P3ProSwing with their students and clients highlights its many appealing features:

• Tim Elliott – owner for 30 years, Elliott’s Custom Golf, Harlingen, Texas:
“We use P3ProSwing for both club fitting and instruction. It’s simple to use, with plenty of data and excellent graphics. Our customers enjoy seeing their data, especially swing path, clubhead speed and whether their club face is open or closed … essentially, they enjoy the whole package. We’ve been using P3ProSwing for many years. It’s a durable piece of equipment with great appeal.”

• Bob Sailer – owner, Bob Sailer Golf Service, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – club fitter and club maker for 23 years:
“I find P3ProSwing very handy for doing fitting. It accurately measures club head speed, tempo, ball direction, swing path and other metrics. It’s easy to understand, the software is accurate and the graphics are lifelike. I’ve been using P3ProSwing for over twelve years now.”

To inquire about P3ProSwing, please contact Kevin Rosenberg, director of sales and marketing for P3ProSwing, at or directly at 207-824-7437.

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