Thursday, August 16, 2018

GustBuster Receives Best Golf Umbrella of 2018 honors from MyGolfSpy for Second Year in a Row

(Farmingdale, NY) - GustBuster, the World's Smartest Umbrella, is ALWAYS relevant and  ALWAYS newsworthy. GustBuster's unique wind-release technology and superior craftsmanship have been making headlines for years, and guess what...they've just done it again!

MyGolfSpy just announced that GustBuster has been chosen ... for the second year in a row ... as its Best Golf Umbrella of 2018.

Actually, GustBuster grabbed Top Honors (1st Place) with its 68-inch Golf Umbrella and 3rd Place with its 62-inch version.

According to MyGolfSpy, "The Gustbuster has been crowned "Best Umbrella of 2018" for the second year in a row. The 68-inch canopy is built to handle the toughest of on-course conditions. Although the Gustbuster is fully manual, it opens efficiently. Durability is again the Gustbusters strength as it can withstand winds of more than 55mph. The innovative bungee cord venting system that connects the canopies allows air to pass through the umbrella effectively and without damage."

Here's what MyGolfSpy had to say about GustBuster's 62-inch umbrella that finished in 3rd Place: "The 62-inch model is the little brother of our top-ranked model. It offers all the advantages of the larger version in a more compact design. Despite it's smaller size, the 62-inch model still provides enough coverage to keep you dry. The 62-inch model is a compelling offerings for golfers seeking a functional and durable umbrella with a more compact design."

"We're honored to be recognized by MyGolfSpy for the second year in a row with this award," said Steve Asman, President of GustBuster Umbrellas. "Again, I'd like to thank all the Tour Players, like the winner of the 2018 PGA Championship, who carry our umbrella as well as club pros worldwide that have helped make GustBuster a household name. This test by MyGolfSpy proves once again why GustBuster has been the #1 Umbrella in Golf and on the Tour for over 15 years now!"

GustBuster's patented wind-release vents and flow-through design can withstand winds of more than 55 M.P.H. making it the ultimate wind umbrella. It's the only UN-Flippable, UN-Flappable, UN-Leakable umbrella in the world. The joints and ferrule of the GustBuster are constructed of a combination of Ultra High-Density Poly-Carbonate, Carbonized Steel and Aluminum and won't break or turn inside-out. The GustBuster umbrella uses nylon that is a strong 190 thread per inch blend that won't tear, which is why it's backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime repair or replacement warranty. GustBuster has revolutionized the way we look at and design umbrellas. It's the World's Smartest Umbrella because of its superior technology.

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