Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Product Review: Vice Golf

Have you heard of Vice Golf? It’s a direct-to-consumer company selling premium balls at a minimal cost. Low overhead, cut out the middle man, etc.

Vice kicked off in Germany about five years ago, then spread through Europe and entered the United States in 2015.

At the moment, Vice produces five variations of their golf ball - two-, three-, and four-piece options.

Let’s start with the two-piece ball ... Drive ($14.95). Designed for players with low to medium clubhead speed, Drive has a Surlyn cover that’s extremely tough and cut-resistant. It’s ideal for women and seniors.

Tour ($21.95) is a three-piece ball for players of all levels. Similar to Drive, Tour has a durable Surlyn cover. Tour has 392 aerodynamic dimple design for more stability, however, compared to Drive’s 368 dimples.

With the increasing popularity of “soft” golf balls, the Pro Soft ($34.95) is extremely popular. This three-piece ball has a 336-dimple design and responsive feel. While it’s ideal for players with medium clubhead speed, it also boasts a unique matte outer coating - achieved by tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer.

The previous three balls were geared toward beginner or moderate players, but Vice Golf does offer a pair of options for those with advanced ability. There wasn’t an exact driver speed listed on the website, but based on testing, I’d suggest a minimum of 95 mph for both.

Rounding out the three-piece offerings is Pro ($34.95). With a cast Urethane cover for a gentle and responsive feel, the Pro has a 318-large-dimple design that provides incredible distance and a stable trajectory.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Pro Plus ($34.95) - a four-piece ball with a cast urethane cover for a seriously soft feel. This 336-dimple design is long, but promotes a lower ball flight.

Still not sure which Vice ball best fits your game? Try the Selected pack (picture above), which consists of all five models (sleeves of two) for only $17.95. You can take a six-question test, as well, and receive a recommendation. The questions are:
- Gender
- Typical Score
- Current ball brand/model
- Average 7-iron distance
- Typical driver speed
- What you look for in short-game performance

All five balls come in white, naturally, while the three Pro options also are offered in red and lime green.

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