Monday, October 7, 2013

Loudmouth Windshirts are Back in Stock

The weather will be turning a little wetter and colder as we move into fall (except Australia!) and you may not want to ruin your precious Loudmouth pants. So, if you protect them with boring rain pants, or leave them in the closet, never fear, you can STILL be loud in a fancy Loudmouth windshirt.

Check them out HERE.
Fancy Hats and Visors
All your favorite Loudmouth pants designs are now available in our newest Fancy hats and visors. Paint Balls, Cowz, Crak! and more. A Loudmouth cap to match your pants is a “good look”! And they don’t stick around long.

Order a hat or visor HERE.
LJ and Woody
Meet the madmen behind Loudmouth curtain.

This is the first of multiple installments of how Loudmouth began, and where these nutjobs came from.

But first, how did LJ and Woody meet? Woody was a full-time freelance graphic designer, one of the first Mac users in the Bay Area. He still has his Illustrator ’88 installer floppy discs (for those in the know). He started Loudmouth in 2000 as a side business and was a one-man, poorly-run, albeit growing, fashion business for six years.

LJ was an early Loudmouth customer. Frustrated by never being able to order designs in his size (the most popular size 36w x 32L), he called Woody in 2006 and invited him for a round of golf at Lake Merced Country Club in San Francisco to find out what the heck was going on.

Let’s back up four decades. They grew up in opposite corners of the country:
Woody in New England, and LJ in Southern California. They didn’t know it but they were on an inexorable, 40-year collision course, like a Continental Sartorial Railroad. Except they met in San Francisco, not Promontory Summit, Utah. And it wasn’t a golden spike, but a white golf tee...TO BE CONTINUED...

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