Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Review: Loudmouth Pants

You’re a bogey golfer. When your buddies sit around the clubhouse after a round and brag about this great shot or that great shot, you have nothing to contribute. Your four-door sedan looks like every other four-door sedan on the road and you’re quickly fading into the background.

Let’s face it ... you need a lift. Assuming you don’t have the time or money to quit your job, hire a personal golf coach, and practice every day to get your game in shape, you could use a simpler pick-me-up. Let the creative folks at Loudmouth help you out.

Let’s start by ditching the khakis. Loudmouth has the pants or shorts for you. Look at the Crak!, Bent Grass and Cowz above, for example. People will be too busy admiring your pants to pay attention to your iffy golf game.

The shirts can get just as loud, or pair the wild pants with a coordinating top. Your call.

Hats, visors, belts, gloves ... also available from Loudmouth ... and equally stunning.

Off the course, hit the beach with Loudmouth boardshorts and swimsuits. Or stay warm with a Loudmouth windshirt or hoodie. Going out for a fancy dinner? Wow the maitre d’ with your Loudmouth sportcoat. Yes, sportcoat. Check those out HERE.

Long story, short ... if you’re boring now, you don’t have to be. Sure, Loudmouth can’t make your stories more interesting or your golf swing better, but these fine people are at your disposal to pimp your look and impress the masses with your new, improved style.

Log onto www.loudmouthgolf.com to enhance the outer you from head to toe. In the process, you may find you’re not as boring as people thought. Even if you are, you can still play LOUD!

Contact: NEOhioGolf@yahoo.com

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