Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hit it Longer in a Snap with Hip Snaps

10 minutes at the beginning of your driving range session or before playing  - for longer off the tee or in the fairway

(Sacramento, Calif.) - Dr. Jenni Martin MS DC LPGA Class A teacher and club professional, has been in the medical, fitness and health profession for over 30 years. She grew up next door to Mark O'Meara and the Mission Viejo Golf Course. Her interest in golfers began years ago while helping Natalie Gulbis.    Jenni Martin is now introducing a series of online fitness exercise clinics.

The 3 hour full Gapper Golf Swing analysis is frequently done by visitors from all over California. Morning and afternoon appointments help individuals complete the session in one day. Often out of town golfers stay overnight and play one of Sacramento's premier golf courses. Jenni can help with hotel arrangements and golf outing tee times.

Having developed the Tennis Elbow Kit, SAW (swing achiever for woman), the Stick To It Stretching Program as well as having authored numerous health and injury articles, she is passionate about teaching and evaluating golfers  via her Analysis Method and Golf Gapper Program. Jenni has advanced certification in Orthopedics, Sports and Recreational Injuries as well as K-vest, TPI medical professional and golf instructor. She has her master's degree in Biomechanical injuries. Utilizing  her knowledge in chiropractics, physical therapy, and her LPGA training  she integrates this information with appropriate visual, kinesthetic and auditory state of the art tools.

Martin's passion is to help golfers, young and old, new and seasoned, high and low handicaps, fit and perhaps... not so fit. Understanding an individual's goals, physical needs, limitations, body, and swing, Jenni Martin believes, is the only way to make permanent, goal-oriented, and effective swing changes and improvements. Martin's method is fun, entertaining and informative.

The Golf Gapper is a comprehensive golf swing and body positioning analysis system. The use of State of the Art evaluation equipment provides a customized and easy to understand way to empower your golf game. Golf Gapper methods will immediately improve consistency, distance and overall swing as well as create body awareness within the physical abilities and goals of the golfer.

Click HERE for a demonstration of the Hip Snaps Exercise.

Wake up your hips. Ever want to hit the ball father. Think you are an "arm swinger." Get your hips "alive" with this simple drill.

Stay square to front club. Hold club at waist level and keep it facing forward during the entire exercise.

Snap hips to the left and then the right. Slowly at first and then pick up the pace once the coordination of keeping the club still develops. Then start doing the drill back and forth as quickly as you can. It feels a little like a dance move. This will wake up your hips and teach your body to independently move hips without movement of the upper body.
"I believe there is a "most efficient" swing for each individual," says Jenni Martin. "There is no quick fix or cookie cutter swing. Knowing your body, beliefs, limitations and goals and putting this information to work via tried and true exercises and drills via your learning style (visual, kinematic or auditory) is the best way to improve and enjoy the game of golf. Trying to implement a  swing that your body cannot do or may cause you pain doesn't make sense. Motor learning and understanding is the best way to make correct and appropriate changes."

Martin adds, "I work with your club pro and other professionals to provide feedback regarding physical needs, golf equipment and goals for changes that compliment your current level of golf - and keep you growing your game of golf without injury or frustration. Whether you are pain free, or post surgical hip, back or shoulder, this information is life/game changing."

"Golf equipment has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, but average handicaps have not gone down. Let's work together to increase the enjoyment of this wonderful game we call golf."

Contact: NEOhioGolf@yahoo.com

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