Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Precision Pro's New GPS Golf Band Receives Rave Reviews from Golf Digest Stix, GolfWRX

(Cincinnati, OH) - Precision Pro Golf's new GPS GOLF BAND is the  future of distance. It is the thinnest, lightest, most comfortable GPS wearable available and has caught the attention of independent reviewers from three of the largest golf platforms around, Golf Digest Stix, GolfWRX.com and Hacker's Paradise, just to mention a few.

On August 3rd, Golf Digest Stix featured the GPS Golf Band, Mike Stachura of Golf Digest wrote: "Not all golfers want to wear a GPS watch to play golf, especially if they don't wear a watch in the first place. One alternative available in the GPS watch landscape is the Precision Pro GPS Band. Weighing just 1.2 ounces or well less than half of traditional golf GPS watches, the less bulky Precision Pro GPS Band brings GPS course information for some 35,000 preloaded courses."

Evan Bartley of GolfWRX.com had this to say in his review of Precision Pro's GPS Golf Band, "I recently had the opportunity to test the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band, although I normally don't use GPS-style rangefinders on the course. I usually prefer to use a laser rangefinder, because it gives precise distances to targets I choose rather than specific targets already chosen for me. However, the features on this band proved very useful and provided distances that were right on par with a laser rangefinder. The band is also very compact and light enough (about 1 oz.) so that it didn't interfere with my swing." 

James Miles of Hacker's Paradise was impressed with the speed of the setup and the ease of use of the GPS Band and wrote, "The general setup is simple and streamlined thanks to the easy-to-navigate menu and 3-button system, this includes all the standard time/date options as well as an auto-on timer function. When at the course, after selecting play golf from the menu the band consistently synced up impressively fast during the review, much faster than the other two watch units it was compared against."

The featherweight and glove friendly design ensures not to interfere with your swing. The streamlined interface with Auto Hole Recognition and out of the box usability ensures ease of use for any golfer.
- 35,000 Preloaded Courses powered by iGolf.
- Distance up to 4 Hazards Per Hole: The GPS GOLF Band will show up to 4 hazards (water, bunkers) per hole.
- Auto Course Recognition: The GPS GOLF BAND will display the closest courses based   on your location.
- Auto Hole Advancement: after leaving a green and reaching the next hole the GPS Golf Band will automatically change to your current hole. If you start in the middle of the course or skip a hole you can easily toggle to your correct hole.
- Shot Distance Measurement Feature: this allows you to measure the distance from one point to another, making it easy to measure how far your ball traveled.
- USGA Tournament Legal: you should always check with the rules committee, but the GPS Golf Band is legal for tournaments that allow distance measuring devices.
- 1 Year Warranty: the warranty covers any operational issues.
- Watch Mode: the GPS Golf Band can be worn as a watch, providing the time and date when not in GPS golf mode.
- 10-Hour GPS Battery Life:  While in GPS mode, the GPS GOLF Band has 8 hours of battery life while providing 52 weeks of battery life when in watch mode.
- Waterproof: GPS Golf Band is water proof up to 30 feet.

The GPS GOLF BAND is available in white or midnight blue, at an MSRP of $179.00.

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