Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EagleWatchGolf Technology Revolutionizes Golf Experience

Game-Changing Digital Platform Provides Opportunity for Golfers to Win Cash Prizes; Increased Benefits for Participating Golf Courses

(Lexington, KY) – Today, EagleWatchGolf (EWG) makes its Mobile Optimized Website (MOW) debut, upping the ante for players at golf courses nationwide. This interactive innovation blends the psychological principles behind progressive lottery systems with the exciting draw of Fantasy Football gaming, yet unlike these, EWG allows the golfer complete control over the ‘one shot’ outcome. The patented par 3 online platform provides golfers with large revenue opportunities for their winning shots on par 3s at EagleWatchGolf participating courses, while golf courses are guaranteed revenue from the $5 and $10 entry fees at no start up or on-going expense.

“EagleWatchGolf is invested in bringing excitement to the game of golf, and we aim to change the way the sport is played, adding an additional competitive component that will ultimately expand the audience in the same way Fantasy Football has for professional football,” says CEO of EWG, Clint McKinley. “Our model has been created to mutually benefit both players and golf course partners at a time when both energy and revenues are needed for the sport. We’re giving the great game of golf an exciting boost.”

Golfers can now register to take part through the EWG Mobile Optimized Website (MOW). There are four ways for players to challenge their skills for daily payouts, including On the Green, Within the Flagpole, Within Two Feet, or the weekly Hole-In-One Jackpot (split between multiple winners). With player entry amount options of $5 and $10, cash payouts range from $3 to upwards of $5,000. These jackpot sizes will continue to grow substantially as more courses and golfers become enamored with the game. EagleWatchGolf has awarded over $100,000 since its soft launch in September 2015 to thousands of winning golfers.

To capture and authenticate winning shots, EagleWatchGolf utilizes a patented technology within high-definition cameras that record shots at each hole. Golfers can register and claim their winning shot at, and rewards are deposited into the players EWG account.

“We believe the multifaceted technology benefits both courses and players alike as we liven up the overall golf experience,” says McKinley. “As we continue partnering with golf courses around the nation, we envision grand prizes reaching significant jackpot heights, making this a once-in-a-lifetime but frequent opportunity for players, regardless of their golf handicap.”

EagleWatchGolf is currently available at golf courses in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina, and will be expanding to additional markets in the coming months, as well as introducing a mobile application on iOS and Android in the fall.

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