Friday, August 12, 2016

L2 Putters Develop a Consistent, Confident Putting Stroke Like the Pros

Size and weight matters when it comes to developing a consistent, confident putting stroke versus an unintentional, erratic “hitting” motion

(JEFFERSON, Ohio) - As a golf instructor, John Ambrose, inventor of the L2 MOI MAXX putter, understands that size and weight does matter when it comes to developing a consistent, confident putting stroke versus an unintentional, erratic “hitting” motion. Light putter heads with small sweet spots demand precise execution, excellent tempo and a repetitive stroke in order to keep the face square down the aim line. For most amateur golfers, this makes putting the most frustrating aspect and nemesis of their game.

Enter science and a new trend in putting technology. The physics-inspired L2 MOI MAXX putter incorporates size and weight into a perimeter weighted design engineered for one purpose – to make putting more simple and to lower scores. The L2 MOI MAXX has the highest M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) and largest impact zone (3.5 inches) in golf.

“Think Big Bertha versus a Ben Hogan persimmon driver,” said John Ambrose, President of L2 Putters.  “Finally, technology has evolved from the tee box to the putting green.”
The large heavier patented head design and expanded impact zone of the L2 MOI MAXX putter eliminates off center hits and allows for a gravity-fed stroke motion for optimum distance and directional control. The L2 MOI MAXX not only leads the industry in head stability but in club stability as well.  The L2 MOI MAXX has the highest club MOI by extending the weight from the head to the top of the grip

Stop micromanaging your putting and let the L2 do the work with these features:
- Club head weight of 620 grams (average 360 grams)
- Toe to heel dimensions of 6.25 inches for maximum stability (average 5 inches)
- Impact Zone measures 3.5 inches (average sweet spot – 0.7 inches)
- Flat sole keeps club head in place after alignment
- Bold parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup
- Stand-alone design makes alignment easy

“The higher the MOI, the more stable the putter will be,” said Art Colasanti, PGA Class A Member and Director of Sales for L2 Putters. “The L2 Putter will improve your confidence, alignment, stroke and distance control. You’ll sink more putts and that makes golf a lot more fun.”

The L2 MOI MAXX Putter was featured as one of the best new putters for 2016 on It comes with a black powder-coated head and is USGA and R&A conforming.  Standard length and lie angle is 33 inches and 73 degrees. Custom accent colors and fitting options are available.

The L2 putter also provides a real alternative for golfers who are looking for a solution to anchor putting. For more information or to purchase online for $169.99, go to

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