Monday, August 22, 2016

New Team Bionic Gloves Site Aims to Help Real Athletes do Extraordinary Things

Company Offers Chance to be a Bionic Brand Ambassador

(LOUISVILLE, KY) – Bionic Gloves, the leader in golf and fitness glove technology, believes all athletes have a desire to be extraordinary. Deep inside every competitor is a dream of pushing the limits, to see what they’re made of and how far they can go. With the August launch of its new web site, the innovative brand will provide an avenue for real athletes to chase that dream; to challenge themselves to go beyond what they thought they were ever capable of doing.

“Every athlete dreams of doing extraordinary things. Lifting more weight, doing more reps, having longer workouts to become stronger and more fit than ever before,” said Bionic Gloves Director of Marketing Cheryl Fink. “Our new site provides motivation and tutorials from Team Bionic’s elite advisory staff. They provide words of encouragement and instructional videos that will get any athlete jacked up and ready to work out harder than ever.”

The video tutorials feature Extreme Calisthenics Bar Athlete and Trainer Corey Hall, Endurance Athlete and Life Sport Coach Christian Isakson, and Celebrity Fitness Trainer/Author/Model Nicole Chaplin, also known as The Fitness Rockstar. The content they provide at will help athletes reach new heights in their workouts.

"Whether its circuit training, rock climbing or CrossFit, my grip has to be strong,” Chaplin said. “Wearing Bionic Gloves, I maintain closeness to any apparatus I use and no longer get blisters. Since the day I tried on my first pair I’ve never used another workout glove. I’m proud to be part of Team Bionic and help motivate athletes through the web site.”

Hall and Isakson echoed Chaplin’s enthusiasm for Bionic Gloves and pushing themselves and others to be their very best.

“I discovered Bionic fitness gloves over a year ago after trying many different gloves,” Hall said. “I used to get callouses, but I no longer do thanks to the patented technology in Bionic Cross-training Gloves. They enhance my performance while also providing great comfort. I’m getting the most out of my extreme workouts and am able to accomplish more and push myself to new limits.”

“On long rides, having a pair of gloves that are both comfortable and lightweight is essential,” said Isakson. “I’d tried countless brands before Bionic. No other gloves come close. Bionic allows me to totally forget I’m even wearing gloves and focus on my training and personal goals. I’m thrilled to be part of Team Bionic and honored to be part of”

The site also includes details about Bionic’s patented technology and grip, product lines, and how to become a Bionic Brand Ambassador, a program that gives loyal Bionic fans a chance to be on the inside of product testing, glove launches, and promotions. Ambassadors will also have opportunities to receive complimentary gloves and apparel. Bionic gloves are available for men and women at select retail locations and at

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