Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Product Review: Sunice Allendale Thermal Pullover

Gone are the days of ill-fitting sweaters and boxy jackets to keep golfers warm when there’s a chill in the air. Today, we’re blessed with sleek layers that move when we move and don’t impede our swings. No company is doing this better than Sunice.

The Allendale thermal pullover is an excellent example of fashion meeting function. With a close-cut fit and soft, stretch fabric, the Allendale is the ideal piece of layering - both on and off the course. 

Feel free to shed it once the temperatures rise, but you won’t look as good as you do wearing it. Over a golf shirt and under a jacket, the Allendale will keep you warm, while still breathing.

Function is complete. Swing freely, as if you’re not wearing this layer at all. Fashion? It’ll be the best-looking layer on the course, on the slopes or at the mall. This is not your father’s golf pullover. 

Interested in some industry jargon? The Allendale has contrast flatlock stitching, decorative tape framing and a laser-cut welded right chest pocket. Add it all up and you’re looking great.

Check out the Allendale and other apparel at www.sunice.com.

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