Thursday, December 10, 2015

Product Review: Loudmouth Golf Happy Hour Fancy Shirt

If you want to look good on the golf course AND be the life of the party off of it, Loudmouth has the shirt for you - Happy Hour. This “fancy shirt” is the perfect compliment to solid pants of any color.

Want an ale? Or are you more of a martini guy? High ball, rocks, whatever. Enjoy every minute of Happy Hour with this Loudmouth star.

Warning: You can be a beer guy and proudly sport a beer gut, but you’re going to want to size up with this shirt. Happy Hour is a slim, athletic fit shirt made from a wrinkle-free 4-way-stretch fabric.

For those who like more intricate garment details ... There’s the stylish Loudmouth stamp on back yoke, a three-button placket and the self collar blends seamlessly into the shirt.

For a mere $79.50, every hour can be Happy Hour. Suit up and join the party.

Order Happy Hour HERE and explore the rest of for some of the most entertaining gear in the golf industry.

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