Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Golf Skate Caddy’s Innovative Technology Revitalizing the Game

Single Player Golf Vehicle Modernizing the Tradition of Individual Play

(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.)  – Forget the over-starched khakis and long, drawn out rounds, in the face of declining interest in the sport, Golf Skate Caddy is throwing out the rulebook and bringing new excitement to the game of golf.

Today’s fast-paced world is driven by technology, innovation and immediate satisfaction--everything that golf is not, until now. Golf Skate Caddy (GSC) is the first single player golf transportation vehicle of its kind that is the culmination of more than 20 years of global research and development in the electric transportation industry.

Golf Skate Caddy offers many features and benefits for golf course owners and operators.  The unit can speed up play by 50 percent for 18 holes and can move up to six players per tee time providing additional revenue for courses. GSC is also equipped with the latest technology to allow users to play music and connect to their smart phones. With room for a single golf bag, a built-in cooler and cup-holder, the product adds a new element of independence to golf that appeals to Millennials and younger players.

According to golf legend and golf course designer Greg Norman, modern updates like these have been a long-time coming and are precisely what’s needed to ensure the sport doesn’t simply fade away.

In a recent Australian Financial Review article, Norman said, “Bring the kids in by letting them put speakers in golf carts, putting headsets on or playing in their board shorts or getting on an electric skateboard or something like that to take their clubs around, have fun with the game, speed it up, do what the kids like to do.”

Norman went on to point out that this evolution can be seen in other sports and should be embraced by the golf industry to ensure growth.

"When snowboarding became popular, ski resorts resisted and resisted and resisted, and what happened was families wouldn't come because their kids couldn't snowboard, so the resorts were cutting off their nose to spite their face because they weren't reaching down to the Millennials--you have got to listen to what these kids do," he said.

Traditionally, golf has been a game that focused on walking and individual play. The modern golf age brought on the development of expansive course designs for golf resorts and real estate communities that forced the implementation of two person golf carts to enable golfers to physically play these longer course layouts.

“Golf Skate Caddy is modernizing an important aspect of the game,” said Aaron Parkinson, CEO of Golf Skate Caddy. “We’re excited to be bringing back the joy and spirit that walking has always provided golfers of all ages with this single rider vehicle.”

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