Thursday, December 3, 2015

Product Review: Birdie Town

Look good. Feel good. Play good. Grammatically incorrect? Sure, but don’t we, as golfers, strive for all three on the course? Thanks to Birdie Town, holiday shopping can be a one-stop proposition to cover this trifecta.

Look Good
SKIMP, a line of accessories with the famous French flair, offers a line of buckleless belts in 20 color choices. You bought that popular Rickie Fowler Sunday outfit, but can’t find an orange belt? SKIMP has you covered. Neon yellow or neon green more your thing? No problem. More into the blues? Which blue is for you: Navy, marine, turquoise, glow? Sure, there’s even beige and black.

SKIMP belts are one-size-fits-all and easily adjustable. There are no metallic components, so you can keep your belt on at security checkpoints, and they’re washable with soap and water. For the environmentally conscience, these belts also are made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Want a new golf glove? Easy Glove has mastered customization. Boasting a collection of 60 glove designs for men and women, Easy Glove will customize any of them logos and text. Show love for your alma mater, pride in your golf club or support a local/national association. Each customized design uses 95 percent of the glove’s surface area. Beyond the holidays, these are perfect for corporate or charity events and also are available as key chains in the shape of mini golf gloves.

Feel Good
So now you look great, but how do you feel? GOLFSmart, the first and only scientifically based dietary supplement engineered expressly for the game of golf, is a powder you add to water to provide a boost in energy, focus and hydration. I tried it (fruit punch) and it tastes great. 

I’m guilty of relying on sports and energy drinks while playing golf. These taste great, but often lead to jitters and an eventual crash. GOLFSmart is made with natural ingredients, so that’s not going to happen. A packet right before you play and another at the turn will have you feeling great throughout your round.

One thing every serious athlete knows is you have to be aware of what’s going into your body. Collegiate and professional athletes are getting nailed all the time because a supplement or medicine contains a banned substance. Know this ... every production batch of GOLFSmart is independently laboratory tested by Banned Substance Control Group to be certified drug free. It is formulated using only FDA approved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients which are the allowed substances published and recognized by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Play Good
Perfect ... You look and feel great. Does your game translate to the course? They say that practice makes perfect, but that’s not always the case if you’re just reinforcing bad habits. Birdie Town offers a couple training aids that’ll have your stroke looking as sweet as you feel.

Golf in Sync is simple in design, but effective in perfecting the short swing. This training tool hones putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots - all key in lowering your score.

Attach the arm band to your upper arm (left if you’re a right-handed player), put the stick through a loop and adjust a Velcro band based upon what you’re practicing. Around the grip while putting and chipping eliminates hand action, or down the shaft for pitching and bunker shots. This allows the needed wrist action. 

Through consistently repeating a successful swing movement during training and practice, Golf in Sync eliminates the urge to save a shot with your hands, which often leads to topped or duffed shots.

Last, but not least, is the Welling-Putt training mat. This year-round training aid  will help in all areas of putting, but I see its greatest value in alignment and speed control. Considering you can read the break perfectly, but easily run a putt by the hole or leave it woefully short, speed control is of utmost concern. When aim and feel come together, the putt is going to drop.

Perhaps the best part of the training mat is the myriad activities and games to improve your putting. There are even three “courses” (yellow, blue and black) you can play to make practice more enjoyable. Master one and move on to the next, more-challenging course. 

If you’re looking to buy gifts for someone - or yourself - this holiday season, check out all Birdie Town has to offer. This line of golf products have you looking as good as you feel and playing better than ever.

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