Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Designer Talks New Quantum Golf Putter Grip

(Phoenix AZ) – Duane Engdahl, the master designer and CEO of Quantum Golf Putter Company, discussed his new Quantum Golf Putter Grip

He said, “The putter grip connects to the shaft, which connects to the business end of the putting tool. And it is the business end of the putting tool which delivers momentum to the ball sending it to the cup where it belongs.”

“Most other putter makers dismiss the grip as being unimportant, but we here at Quantum don’t make that mistake. The putter grip can either help or hinder golf putting performance. We want to make sure our grip enables our clients to enjoy the best putting performance. That is why we consider the golf putter grip to be so very important.”

During a short visit with Engdahl, he was asked what a golfer should look for in a golf putter grip. He quickly responded, “Obviously, it should be tactile, impervious, symmetrical and fitted for the size of its golfer’s hands.”

What about grip color? He answered somewhat impatiently, “Of course grip color has nothing to do with putting performance. Instead it has more to do with attracting attention at the putting corral of your local retail store.” But then he continued with a smile, “We made our putter grip basic black because it looks good with our black shaft and silver and black head, and we all know looking good at the golfing venue is important.”

For more information: www.quantumputters.com or contact quantumputters@gmail.com.

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