Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Product Review: RadiusRoll F/P Tour Putter

There are many different schools of thought on swinging a golf club ... same with putting. Club design, however, seems to differ much more with putters than with the other clubs in the bag. Mallet vs. blade; anchored vs. traditional length; various hosel options; etc.

The one consistency is trying to get the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of strokes. RadiusRoll believes they’ve got the answer - PureStrike Instant Roll Technology.

Check out the RadiusRoll website or click HERE. Side-by-side comparisons of their product vs. a standard, lofted putter show up to 10 inches of skid upon striking the ball with a standard putter. The 0.8400" radius face with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology starts the ball rolling immediately. The radius of a golf ball also is 0.8400” - leading to a friction-free strike.

Putting is the partnership between speed and line. You may think you have both, but if skidding or hopping take you even a 1/4 inch off line, that could result in an error of 2 1/2 inches on a 10-foot putt, according to RadiusRoll.

We tested the RadiusRoll F/P Tour offset-hosel-style putter. The F/P Tour is precision CNC milled in the United States from soft carbon steel and features a black chrome finish. Like all the putters in the RadiusRoll arsenal, it features PureStrike Instant Roll Technology, which delivers instant forward roll on the golf ball - starting your putts on line and keeping them on line.

The RadiusRoll F/P Tour provides a soft, solid feel, putt after putt. We’ve tested dozens of putters and played many more over the years. Distance control has been a common theme when it comes to trouble. While user error can always be blamed, inconsistent feel is too often a concern. From short putts to long putts, the feel remains the same with the F/P Tour.

Specifics of the F/P Tour
• USGA Conforming
• 0.8400" Radius Face with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology
• Precision CNC Milled from soft carbon steel for a soft, solid feel
• 355 gram (13.2 oz) head weight
• Available lengths from 32 to 36 inches
• Manufactured and Assembled in the United States
• Plush RadiusRoll headcover included

Putting is a very individual component of the game and the feelings about loft will surely continue to be debated. Whichever side you lean toward, know this ... The RadiusRoll F/P Tour putter with PureStrike Instant Roll Technology will get your ball rolling on line upon contact, while an inherent skid or hop is expected with common putters.

Visit www.radiusroll.com to learn more about the technology and see all RadiusRoll has to offer.

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