Friday, February 28, 2014

Nike Golf Wants to Know: What’s Your RZN?

New Nike RZN Recommender tool helps golfers choose the best RZN golf ball for their game

(BEAVERTON, Ore.) – More distance, softer feel, less spin, more spin – there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to golf balls. That’s the idea behind the new Nike RZN Recommender, a digital tool that helps golfers find the RZN golf ball – Nike RZN Black, Nike RZN Platinum, Nike RZN Red or Nike RZN White – that best fits their specific needs.

The Nike Golf ball team tapped into feedback from in-person ball fittings to craft a range of simple questions for users to answer: What’s your average score? What is your club head speed? Stay within the fairway or slice and hook? What is your ball flight? What do you want out of your approach shots? Based on users’ responses, the tool doesn’t just tell golfers which Nike RZN ball is best for them -- it tells them why.

“Different golfers have different needs when it comes to the ball they should be playing,” says Mike Pai, Global Product Director, Golf Balls & Bags. “There’s a RZN for everybody – whether you’re a beginner or have been playing the sport your whole life, the RZN Recommender is a great tool that utilizes a strategic, streamlined approach to make sure you have the right ball in your bag, and help you understand why it will help your golf game.”

Users can purchase the ball recommended for them right on the spot. All four models are now available on and at select retailers.

Every ball in Nike’s 2014 RZN line features Nike’s proprietary Speedlock RZN core technology, created with an interlocking core design that helps promote better energy transfer between the layers at impact for faster ball speed, longer distance and more stability into the wind.

A new spin-optimized coating on the outer surface of the ball helps grip the grooves for better control on wedge and iron shots. All four models feature a softer cover and softer compression in the core to help provide improved sound and feel, especially on off-center shots.

The 2014 Nike RZN line:
* RZN Platinum: Tour Performance control and moderate spin
* RZN Black: Tour Performance distance and lower spin
* RZN Red: Distance Performance, longer carry
* RZN White: Distance Performance and softer feel for a wide range of swing speeds

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