Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miura Golf Reacts to High Demand for Passing Point 9003 Straight Neck Irons

(Vancouver, BC) - In response to golfer demand, Miura Golf has increased production of its special Passing Point 9003 Straight Neck iron. New sets are now in stock and on their way to Miura dealers worldwide.

The Passing Point 9003 Straight Neck, like its sister model, the "regular" Passing Point 9003, offers golfers forged feel - the famous Miura Purity of the Strike - plus the benefits of perimeter weighting and a slightly wider sole. The SN model has less offset, so the players who prefer that look, or who don't need substantial offset to get the flight they want, will have just enough and not too much.

"Initially, we weren't intending to make a straight-neck model," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "But the 9003 was so popular with so many players because it's very easy to hit and has a great flight. When some of those new 9003 players talked with us about their flight preferences, we knew there was a class of 9003 lovers who didn't want or need all the offset of the original.  So we began to make a less-offset version, and that became the Passing Point 9003 Straight Neck.

"We sold out the initial run so quickly that we thought we'd better make more," Barr said.

Both models of Passing Point 9003s provide marvelous forged feel, thanks to Miura's insistence on fine-grain, void-free steel in its clubheads. The cavity in all 9003s is carefully engineered to put the mass in the right places so golfers can get the optimum contact - and forgiveness - from the club's perimeter weighting. And the sole of the 9003s, while never out of proportion, is somewhat larger than in more blade-like models, allowing for easier turf travel through impact and overall more consistent flight.

The difference comes with the offset. In the regular model, offset ranges between 5.6 mm in the 4-iron and 3.5 mm in the gap wedge. But in the Straight Neck model, the range is from just 3.8 mm in the 4-iron to 1.8 mm in the gap wedge - depending on the club, offset can be 50 percent to 70 percent less than in the regular 9003.

Both models of Passing Point 9003 are available in 4-PW plus gap wedge. The clubs can be tested by visiting to locate an authorized Miura dealer/fitter. Price per club begins at $225; this can be higher depending on fitting options chosen, especially the shaft.

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