Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jack Grace USA Interchangeable Saddles Provide Lots of Options

(PHOENIX, Ariz.) – There are many ways you can customize your golf apparel today including a variety of personal shopping services that will deliver golf’s top brands right to your front door, giving you more time to spend on your game. Enter Jack Grace USA, a golf shoe company founded by CEO Bart Walker, a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic, who has created the INNOVATOR 1.0 golf shoe - a cool, trendy, premium-leather shoe designed with interchangeable saddles.

Jack Grace’s unique shoe saddle technology allows you to swap out saddles of a variety of colors in an instant. Swapping these saddles is like learning to tie a necktie: the more you practice, the better you get. The INNOVATOR features the company’s patent-pending Hidden Channel Technology that uses magnets to help swap the shoe saddles out in seconds. These magnets, and hook and loop fasteners, help keep the saddle securely in place so you never have to worry once you put them on.

Celebrate the freedom to choose what you want to wear, when you want to wear it. Jack Grace offers a variety of stars and stripes options and other patriotic colors to celebrate the holidays this summer.  

“With our shoes, one shoe has multiple looks,” explains Walker. “Instead of having multiple golf shoes in your closet, you just have one pair.  And the cost-per-look is very low when you can get a whole new look in just seconds.”

Jack Grace shoes feature a diamond shaped spike-less outsole that provides excellent traction and stability. The men’s INNOVATOR comes in black, white and grey with 91 base saddle colors and a variety of stylish patterns to put just the right flare on any golf outfit.  It only takes a few simple steps to interchange the saddles, allowing you to have a variety of affordable looks without breaking your wallet. As an added bonus, these “feel like butter” premium leather spike-less shoes let you express your style both on and off the course.

Looking for a fun and unique tournament gift option? Jack Grace provides an unparalleled branding opportunity for a golf club or corporate sponsor. The saddles are fully customizable with a number of creative options to choose from including a high-quality logoed box to put that extra touch on your member-guest or charitable event.

The women’s INNOVATOR shoe starts presale July 10 and will be available to the public beginning September for delivery. From hummingbird and crocodile saddles, to nautical rope, floral and coral patterns, ladies will be able to make their own unique fashion statement with 149 different Jack Grace saddles to choose from.

The men and women INNOVATOR shoes retail for $160 and $150 respectively. Interchangeable saddles for men are $30- $40; women’s saddles from $25-45. #Swapyoursaddles today. Visit

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