Monday, July 16, 2018

Breakthrough Golf Technology Inks Distribution Agreement with Club Champion

(Dallas, TX) - Breakthrough Golf Technology has reached an agreement with Chicago-based clubfitting chain Club Champion to distribute its new Stability putter shaft that combines a scientifically advanced multi-material design with unique geometries.

"Club Champion founder Nick Sherburne is a great businessman who has cultivated his operation into both a top-notch clubfitter and retailer - 'one of the best in the world," says Breakthrough CEO and Founder Barney Adams. "We are proud to partner with them. Their support legitimizes our shaft and our company."

Established in 2010, Club Champion has 36 locations with more coming soon. Its studios carry all the top-name golf clubs, shafts and grips - accounting for 35,000+ equipment combinations for customers to test. Studios are equipped with the latest and most-advanced analysis technology, along with highly trained certified fitters and builders.

"We're always exploring ways to help golfers play better and we preach that putting is 40% of the game," says Sherburne. "Plus, the putter is the only club you use every hole, so it better be set up perfectly. There have been some putter shafts offered before, but nothing with the sort of innovation Breakthrough has been able to deliver. This shaft will truly tighten your distance control and accuracy and help get the ball started on its intended target, stroke after stroke."
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