Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Product Review: Tipsy Elves Golf Collection

We’ve all heard it a million times … Golf is boring or golf is bland. Look, I get it. Golf is not the fastest-paced sport, but I find excitement in a 3-foot putt, so I can’t fully agree. You feel how you feel. That said, take a stroll through the Tipsy Elves golf section and you’ll never say “golf is bland” again.

Try golf pants with flamingos, bananas or rainbows. Or, in honor of Shark Week, order a pair of Water Hazard pants (a person riding a shark, rodeo style!). There’s a nice selection of colorful shorts, as well. I’m a fan of the pink Weekend Warrior print (pictured), but you may be more patriotic (Star Spangled Tanner or Tricky Dick’s) or, again, into sharks.

If you REALLY want to stand out, check out the Tipsy Elves knickers! From pink flamingos to hot dogs, you’ve got plenty from which to choose. Cube Caddy (pictured) and American Argyle are a little more restrained, but far from bland.

Pick out a solid-colored polo to accompany your bottoms while browsing the website, but don’t miss the flamboyant hats, jackets or neon shades.

Golf is one small section of the company’s offerings. Browsing this site is like falling into a rabbit hole. You’ll want to shop all the collections - from patriotic and pride to bachelor party, St. Paddy’s and Mardi Gras.

Fan of ugly Christmas sweaters? Tipsy Elves has the UGLIEST! Or score your halloween costume and be the hit of the party. There’s a shark costume (again with the Shark Week reference), but I prefer the diapered monkey or hot dog jumpsuit.

You can spend hours on the website and it would be time well spent. Check out

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