Friday, October 13, 2017

FeedbacK Coach Delivers First of Its Kind Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Coaching

Coach in a Smartphone

(RELEASE) - FeedbacK Enterprise announced the immediate availability of FeedbacK: Coach for golf, a first of its kind app that couples a smartphone’s ability to see, hear, and talk, with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision technology to help you improve your golf swing.

Over five years in development, the FeedbacK: Coach app utilizes the very cutting edge of technology to deliver a simple voice-enabled user experience where telling your phone you are “Ready” begins filming, you take a swing and that’s it ... on your part. But, that is where the magic actually begins. Your video is uploaded to the cloud, and FeedbacK’s algorithms analyze the swing and send back to your phone, in a matter of seconds, actionable instruction on how to improve your swing while the motion is still in muscle memory.

"We are so proud to bring this technology to the everyone who wants to improve," said Shawn McDonald, President of FeedbacK Enterprise, in Hampton Virginia. "When we started developing FeedbacK: Coach for golf, the technology didn’t exist. Still today, most people use training apps to deliver more data, like your club head moved 78 mph, and your clubface is 3 degrees open ... How is that helpful? Our app actually tells you: ‘Keep your head down and rotate your hips in the downswing.’ We truly believe that FeedbacK: Coach is a revolutionary way to utilize the amazing new technologies of machine learning and computer vision to make people’s lives better. Best of all, as more people upload videos our app will get smarter, the coaching it delivers will become more accurate and our members will continue to improve.”

The Free beta version of Feedback: Coach is available for immediate download from the Apple store as part of FeedbacK: Collect. -Or- If you are interested, the FeedbacK Hardware Bundle is also available from that includes a clamp and tripod for your smartphone and a Bluetooth module that enables the voice command features of our app.

Alan Clark, PGA teaching professional, notes: “This breakthrough is good not just for the beginner or weekend duffer, but since I began using FeedbacK: Collect as a tester my game has improved as well. I liked the idea so much I have joined the company.”

FeedbacK Enterprise is dedicated to the idea that everyone’s lives can be made immeasurably better by utilizing breakthrough technology for all tasks involving human motion.

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